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I have similar issues but not quite as drastic. When it was just my little dog outside people walking by would stop and reach over my fence to pet him. The neighbor girl on the left tries to play with my dogs through the fence and my neighbor on the right stops by to see them. He is ok because he has brought his dog over into my yard with my permission to socialize the animals. The neighbors behind us I am pretty sure don't mess around but I did find an empty peanut butter jar in that part of the yard one day. I let that one go because I didn't know if it was something that was buried in the bushes or if they gave it to the dogs. My husband and friend who is a property manager both stated that in city I have no right to stop people from doing this as long as they are outside of my yard because they are on public property. Have you posted No Trespassing and Beware of Dog signs? At least if you have those posted you have a little more protection on your side if something does happen. I'll be interested to see what people here have to say about the issue.

I now keep the little dog on a chain inside the fenced in yard because the neighbors and passerby's actions have encouraged him to charge the fence every time someone walks by. He has gotten out twice, once into the little girls yard and once right out the front. I think it's sad that I have to leash my dog inside his own fenced in yard but I can't change the actions of others so I have to adjust around their actions.

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