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Was this rude or was I right? (long)

Our GSD is 14 months old, high energy female, super active, plays rough. You need to be firm with her. I put her out side on her lead this morning and went back inside. Only a couple of minutes, she started barking then I heard some kids and thought my husband was home with the grand kids but then I realized I did not hear the car pull up. Plus she would not bark at the grand kids or my husband. I look outside the window and the person who lives right next door was by the dog with two strange kids I have not seen before. He was trying to get her to behave and sit, she would not listen to him and in the mean time she was barking at the one kid. He was still trying to get her to settle when the one kid started to go toward her and back up several times. This was all in a short time span. Well, I went out side and told him that I would prefer him not to bring kids over if we are not outside. My husband is telling me never to say anything. Was I right? I have to protect my dog. This person feels like he can walk in our yard any time, on foot or with his ATV and go up and pet the dog. His back yard is even with our house, our house is set back on our property and I found out that he will stand in his back yard and call the dogs name and make noises. I found this out when they invited us over and they had a few to many and his wife told me. Her lead and kennel is on that side of the house. I am just fed up with people like this. What are your guys opinion on this? Sorry if to long.
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