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Puppy Socialization x 2

Well, I have been going to a puppy socialization class for the past few weeks at a place that also breeds GSD. This socialization class also had litter mates in the class and well the litter mates played sort of rough so my dog would lay down and basically just stay by me. I decided that maybe it's not the right class for my dog so I contacted another place to perhaps join their class. The trainer welcomed me. Today was the first class.
Now this class had different breeds of dogs, they ranged in sizes and ages. The first question was, how is your puppy around other puppies. I told her I didn't really know and explained the situation. She smiled and said, we will find out- keep near him and we will see. When we entered the training area my puppy was greeted by a puppy near the door. I was watching for the same signals he threw off at the other place and he was eager to play. Then another puppy came up and there now were 3 puppies (including mine) all playing nicely. Then a 4th came up, sniffed around and walked away. The other 3 were just having a great time.
I think I made the right decision on taking the chance on another class. Geist was a good boy, never laid down once. His attention was on me and at play time it was fun for him .
Since the other class is paid for, I will continue to go and this new class is paid for too and will definitely continue to go to this one as well. The first class has no idea I enrolled in another socialization class and I think I have only 1 or 2 weeks left of it. The new class is an AKC S.T.A.R. class. I figure Geist and I both will benefit for the socialization extension of combining both classes. Anyone out there think this is a bad idea?

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