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Dog aggression on walks

I have broke down and decided to post on here. My 1.5 year old white shepherd Sampson is perfect on walks UNTIL he sees another dog (fenced in, walking, at a distance, wherever). When he sees another dog, he gets on his back legs and growls and barks, trying to do whatever he can to get that other dog (not in a playful way). I have tried everything I can think of. Gentle leader, he gets right out of. Easy walk, doesn't stop him. Treats, pays no attention to treats he is so focused on other dog. Prong collar, works some what, but still doesnt phase him enough. I have been bit multiple times because he bites out of reactivity. If I put a treat out in front of his nose while he is "acting out", he bites my hand. I have tried easing him into dogs, by turning around when he starts acting up, but he still can not make it past another dog without acting out. This started around 11months, so it has been a long process. It is starting to get warmer out, so of course more dogs out. I have two other dogs that are not the least bit aggressive towards other dogs. I have walked him since he was 8 weeks old. He has been around other dogs that are family or friends' dogs. I did not take him to obedience training as a pup which I am regretting big time now. Not sure what options I have. Will he break out of it with age? Any other solutions? He is not aggressive at all while at home, just very full of energy and playful like a normal shepherd is. Thanks for the help!
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