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Continue RAW while giving antibiotics?

Its simple my girl has to take an antibiotic for a month should I continue her raw diet while she's taking the antibiotic?? I thought I remembered reading somewhere that it wasn't safe to continue with raw while on an antibiotic although I child be crazy cause I have read a lot of stuff over the last few months soooo I could be getting confused lol. Just curious on everyones thoughts ou your have heard anything of the sort?? Btw I told my vet I was feeding raw and tried to sell me $100 bag of prescription food!!!!! When I said no she's tried to convince me to aty last cook the food cause of all the infections and parasites after could get from it!! I was prepared and I said my ground told her what good its doing that nothing else helped with then she said well even the raw diets that vets prescribe aren't balanced with all the vitamins and minerals that they need. I add a good well rounded supplement but in hey opinion that's still not good enough. And I'm also getting her thyroid tested through Dr. Dodds homeopet, just Weeny the sample off today. Anyway I'm off track just wondering about the raw while taking an antibiotic she has a bacterial infection Thanks for any info!

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