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Adult dog, big personality and smarts! Training tips?

Hello, I just joined this group today. I have a ~four year old dog, Henry, purportedly Collie/Shepherd. Almost solid black. Looks like Wolf X Belgian Groenendael, stands 7.2hh (30 inches) at withers. He was only potty trained when I rescued him at age 2-ish. He has a huge personality, vast sense of humor, lots of self confidence, is affectionate, is vocal - always makes a try for the last word, what appears to be a sense of entitlement, and he is impressively stubborn. I love Henry very much, and have done some work with him since I rescued him a couple years ago. I started with eliminating begging from his behavior. Interesting endeavor, that...but successful. Eye contact alone deters him from begging food now. Have taught him some basics: sit/sientate; "with me/conmigo (heel);" "achtung (pay attention to me);" "wait/espere (stay)," and down. Also working on "get around," meaning that I want him to go to my left side and sit. He resists this one, so I need a little help with it. My method has been quiet: give command, physically aid Henry complete command when it's first time, praise. Once command is learned, command is given. No response, command given stronger (verbal). Unsatisfactory response, he gets no reward. We try again later and eventually he earns the reward, usually. I'm absolutely positively not a pro. I just kinda go with my gut, use horse training methods, and recollect what dog training I have learned. Also regarding training collars. I have found that a lariat (lasso) seems to be effective as the hard material, which I think is generally rawhide, constricts easily and quickly, but also releases quickly and easily. Hard to ignore. Please kindly critique me and share your experiences/tips/tricks regarding training the adult GSD with huge personality. I swear he's conceited!
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