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OMG the pee!!

Will it ever end?? Will he ever, ever, for the love of all things holy, learn to HOLD the pee? Will he forever just dribble as he pleases whenever the urge strikes?

We just kenneled for the night and I noticed a foul odor in the kennel. I pulled out the blanket and it was rank! I searched for feces, that's how bad it stank. None. He's peeing in the kennel! I put the blanket to be washed, wiped down the kennel, and laid a pee pad in it. Not five minutes had passed and he'd peed on it twice! Wth!?

Seriously, I have no words. I've never had a dog that just doesn't ever learn to hold it. This is a nightmare! I can't train him if he can't hold it.

HELP! SOS! I know this is an old story, and everyone and their mother has potty training issues. I have never had one like this and don't know what to do. And yes, it was me who just vented about his potty training. Someone suggested that I be hyper vigilant. I would love to helicopter over him all day but it's just not possible. I HAVE to leave the room from time to time. I HAVE to take my eyes off of him occasionally.

Peeing in the kennel means that the kennel can't be used as a training took for when I need to leave him. Except to keep his elimination contained.
Should I a) remove blankets and leave the kennel bare, and let him soil himself a few times (which it seems he doesn't care) B) start feeding him in the kennel, c) keep putting a pad in there with him (except that he can push that aside and escape being soiled) d) kennel him at all times unless out to potty and run a bit, but in a slightly undersized crate?
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