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Dental Care for Megaesophagus Dog

My 5 month old pup has congenital megaesophagus. He has done well so far with dietary management, but I worry about the long-term effects on his teeth. Obviously, he isn't able to have rawhides, Greenies, or really anything for chewing that could be broken down into pieces and swallowed. Any sort of raw bone is definitely out.

He has a Nylabone, but doesn't really show much interest in it. I picked up a deer antler at the store today for him, but am hesitant to give it to him since my vet has cautioned they can cause broken teeth. He's not a super strong chewer (not nearly as bad as my lab mix!), but I'm still curious if anyone's dogs have managed to break up the antlers into pieces?

I know the reality of ME is that long term care comes secondary to life style management, but the optimist in me wants this pup to stick around for the long run, preferably with healthy teeth to boot! And of course because of his condition, I don't want to be putting him under anesthesia a few years down the road for a dental.

Any suggestions on what I can use? I hate being so limited with my options!
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