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Originally Posted by mego View Post
Nah I'm just a little jealous your dog has enough food drive to train outside. My dog? forget it unless we're in the boring living room lol. I prefer toys though. I'm also too self conscious to post vids to the public here, you guys did a good job though.

PS I know that feeling!!! We got her tug stuck in a tree last week. My bf and I found a belt in the house, some how built some contraption of a mop and a broom stuck together with a hanger attached to the end as a hook..then we stood on a table and fished it out of the tree lol some crazy 10 foot pole thing
My first thought was OH my BF can get that.. then realized he is on a business trip for a few.. he will have to wait.

And oddly enough.. he only recently go food motivated.. he has always been a tough guy with treats.. picky picky picky! lol


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