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Originally Posted by wyoung2153 View Post
I have done both.. we switch it up.. today was food, just because it was a quick decision to grab a handful and make the video. I wasn't going to post the video.. only because I am super self conscious when it comes to training.. I don't feel I'm the best, but I sent it to someone else and figured what the heck, lol.

So in short.. he does train with that too, lol. He lives for it, which is why i like to switch it up.

Bad mom award goes to me... when after I cut the video I threw on top of that shed in the video and can't get it down
Nah I'm just a little jealous your dog has enough food drive to train outside. My dog? forget it unless we're in the boring living room lol. I prefer toys though. I'm also too self conscious to post vids to the public here, you guys did a good job though.

PS I know that feeling!!! We got her tug stuck in a tree last week. My bf and I found a belt in the house, some how built some contraption of a mop and a broom stuck together with a hanger attached to the end as a hook..then we stood on a table and fished it out of the tree lol some crazy 10 foot pole thing
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