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Default How much did your puppy grow after 6mos old?

Trying to figure out how much more my pup is going to grow. She's a 50% GSD mixed with ??? so trying to guess her adult weight as an 8 week old pup was near impossible, but now that she's 6 months old I figure it'll be easier to get a good estimate.

Today she's just under 21" at the shoulders and around ~41 pounds.

Looking at the breed standard, I suppose she is right at the shorter end of the spectrum for a female. Seems weird to me as she's a pretty medium sized dog, around knee height. I know a lot of GSDs are being bred towards a larger spectrum right now, but I'd be kind of shocked to see a purebred female as small as her!

How much more did your GSD grow between 6mos and 1 year?

Here's a picture of her...just because :-)

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