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Originally Posted by Atlas2014 View Post
He did not come from a good breeder. I didn't know she wasn't one until she told me to come get him at 5 weeks because his mom was not feeding him. She had him on crap dog food and probably table food too. So I rescued him. He has puppies to be around. I know his mom was a purebred GSD his alleged father was a black/tan purebred. My vet first said he might be a mix. Then she said no he may be a purebred. Here is a couple pictures! I love him either way but I always wanted a GSD just want some experienced opinions. He is 7 weeks old.
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Just from looks its impossible to tell. I don't see any glaring reason to doubt it, but it will take some time to be able to know anything and even with age it may be impossible to be 100% sure. The good news is he's probably at least 50% gsd and cute so far. Enjoy your new pup and don't worry about it unless you'd only accept PB.

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