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Funny Food?

Hi SGADS fans:

Athena, as you know, turned eleven in January. Her best friend from my book, GSD Kiera, turned eleven before that. I notice something really funny about both girls--they both have developed a taste for some unusual food.

Athena has taken to begging for slices of my Cuties Clementine oranges in the morning, and when Kiera visited a few months ago, I looked to find her imploring me for some of my banana. I noticed that each girl is/was so sweetly polite about it, so shyly hopeful, looking for all the world like "Would...Might I have a piece? I'd love it ever so much, if it's not too much trouble." Who could resist??

(By the way; No, I don't feed her grapes or raisins or avocado or onions or mushrooms or Macadamia nuts, or chocolate or any other forbidden foods, so let's dispense with that right away).

But the food that takes the cake (pun intended) for Athena is a mystifying new love of... wait for it... artichokes. Whenever I steam an artichoke, she sits near me, wanting some. When I first offered a leaf, she seemed to right away understand that you're supposed to bite the end, but not too hard, as one pulls the leaf out of one's mouth slowly. She allows me to do this part for her, as she has no hands, so that her little front teeth scrape it and she eats it the way we humans do. I find it utterly endearing and enchanting.

What crazy foods do your Shepherds crave? Have you all noticed this increasing as they age?

I love our funny breed!

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