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I'd simply put Smokey on the other side of the objects after he gets them picked properly from one side.... without moving or touching them...hence what was on the left will now be on the right once you reposition him.

Perhaps "phone" and "shoe" are becoming left and right to him....

Maybe just using one object rather than two in the beginning will cement that the phone is the phone....

I did something similar with a ball and a rubber squeaky toy...which the dog already knew the words for...perked up whenever I would say.."wanna play ball"...or "wanna play pig"..pig was a rubber squeaky toy. Put both out in the living room 10 feet from each other and said " get the ball" she figured it out...."get the pig" she'd go get the pig. However, when I said "get the pig" at first...she'd try and retrieve me...a bit of an insult from a wet behind the ears GSD but what the heck.......

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