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Indie's registered name had to start with "N" - so it's "Nina". We weren't too particular about the registered name because we could always have a called name as well. We couldn't find one that started with "N' that we liked as a call name - so I started looking around.

I g**gled a bunch of law enforcement K9 unit sites looking for names. I wanted something that was kind of cute for a puppy, but also seemed a little more exotic (for lack of a better term) for an adult. There are a lot of great name ideas "out there".

"Indie" actually came from an online search that I was doing about what to do for a cat with a chronic runny nose. Someone had a snot-nosed cat named "Indie". I liked it. The kids liked it. It stuck.

And it really does suit her - I refer to her as my "hippy wild-child". She's a very energetic, very playful, happy-go-lucky girl (13 months old now), that so badly wants to please us but is often distracted by an opportunity to have some "fun". She's a real sweetie - perfect for us.

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