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Originally Posted by Lilie View Post
We were just sitting out there anyway. If I found the money at the check out, I wouldn't have hung around. But I would have reported it. I just wouldn't have told them the amount found.

My niece found a very nice ring one time at the grocery store. She turned it in and filled out a form. It took over nine months for the store to finally release the ring back to her because no one claimed it. Even then, they gave her the run around when she tried to claim it.
Oh, so you didn't turn the money in? You took it home and gave the office your name? Is that what you did? I really didn't want to get that involved - having a stranger possibly come to my home. But now that you mention it I probably should have filled out some paperwork at the time. Then there would have been an official record of me turning the money in. Next time I will ask to fill out paperwork like your sister did with the ring.
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