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You did your level best to return the money to the rightful owner....once that effort was exhausted you did another proper thing by giving it to an employee with the hopes they would return it to the rightful owner if they came back and asked. Regardless whether the employee has the same integrity as you did what you did...and it was honorable. Both you and the employee have to live with your consciences....I'm sure yours will make for a soft pillow to sleep on.... who knows about the employee as she will live with hers one way or the other.....and I disagree...with the rationalization that a Walmart employee deserves a "tip" which comes from some others absentmindedness or loss. The only other thought which comes to mind as to what you might do next time, if you feel mostly certain the monies will not get back to the rightful owner ....maybe next time you are at the grocery store, buy some food with the money and donate it to the food shelter programs many stores have....or any other worthy charity.

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