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What could I have done? OT

Today I was at Walmart checking out at one of those self-check out centers. When I began my transaction I looked down and saw 2 ten dollar bills sticking out of the machine. Obviously the last person had forgotten their change. I looked around. There was no one that appeared to be looking for their money. So I took the money up to the walmart employee overseeing all of the self-check out machines. I just couldn't think of anything else to do with the money. I feel like I probably just gave her a big tip - which don't get me wrong is okay given how much Walmart employees make - but what I really wanted was to get the money back to the person who left it there. Was there anything else I could have done? I know it is unlikely to happen again but I want some ideas if it does.

Thanks to all who respond. I know it is off topic but this seemed like a good forum for this question since I want to ask a large group of people.
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