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Is this normal?

Hey all!

We recently adopted a nine month old female from a family that was moving overseas, and although she seems to be a good fit for us, there are a few things that I was hoping y'all could tell me were normal or not. I would like to know if these things are due to her age, new setting, something we can correct or need special training for. Here goes:

1) She isn't exactly aggressive with our older male, but always wants to play and is constantly mouthing his mouth, swiping him, grabbing onto his neck or collar and trying to pull on him to play. I'm not so much worried they will hurt each other because he's twice her size and he never whines, but she can be mouthy with our hands when she wants to play. If we try to pet her when she's excited she will nip. Doesn't hurt me but I worry she may accidentally hurt the kiddos.

2) The pawing. I know this is a typical breed thing but even after her nails have been trimmed, they are still mighty sharp and have left marks on us when she wants our attention.

3) Digging! I've tried to keep her active and while I'm home during the week, I take her to the dog park to play ball or long walks (at least a mile, will start running with her when she's a bit older) but it's not enough. We do something every day but I don't think its enough for her. My backyard looks like a battlefield and when it rains, oh boy. Her white coat is completely brown.

We adopted our male after he had been trained and have never had any issues with him and he was our first GSD so we have nothing to compare it to. I'm grateful that these are our only issues and nothing worse, but from what I've said do these things sound like normal behavior that will improve over time or should I seek training? She knows her basic commands and is great on walks, so I wouldn't know what kind of training to seek.

Sorry for the novel, thanks y'all!

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