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Originally Posted by Baillif View Post
Everyone and their mace cans.

My dog is used to being barked at by little yippy pups at the kennel. He just learned to ignore it because when he's in working mode he knows through experience to stay on task. A little guy just won't be enough to get a rise out of him.

Now as for the owner. Not going to comment since my response is predicated on me being a 200 pound 6'1 male who is occasionally into confrontation.


Yes, I am working on getting Frodo there. He is doing pretty well in class ignoring the couple of very reactive dogs, hopefully it will transfer to everyday life some day!

also, I must add, its not the dog. There are plenty of dogs around who are reactive/ aggressive, owners make sure to manage them to keep things safe for everyone. It is that particular guy who seems to seek a fight for his dog.

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