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What can I do about this small dog owner?

Yeserday I was driving down a road and see this young girl (high school) walking her GSD further ahead. A man with a small dog is walking towards her. She is walking on the right side of the road so the dog is on her left, and she pulls him in and holds him close. As i am driving down slowly, I watch him deliberately cross over passing very close to her, his tiny dog ahead of him lunging and snarling at the GSd, the GSD ofcourse lunged back and the poor girl had trouble getting him under control.

I am really really angry because I had the same encounter with this man a few days back. I was walking Frodo and I saw him approaching down my side, so I crossed over to the other side, and I was busy keeping Frodo engaged with me so didnt see him cross over to my side till he was about 50 feet away, his dog already barking and pulling, so I quickly cross to the other side and put Frodo in a sit and watch to let them pass by. But the guy crosses over again to my side and the dog is aggressively growling, running at my dog, came to 2 feet of us, and Frodo lunged, his hair standing up and I am sure he bared his teeth as well, but I got him under control and walked away fast as I could. At that time I thought it was a chance happening, but what I saw yesterday made me realize the man actually encourages this in his tiny dog.

What really concerned me is that the girl was small, and she might have gotten hurt.

And the man! Does he not care about his dog? IS he not afraid that his dog might be attacked back and killed, especially when its challenging a big dog? He doesnt bother to reel it in, he just follows happily when it is trying to attack another dog. Its very strange. I don't know where he lives or his name, but how can I complain about it? And its a chance happening when I run into him.

From his demeanor and expression, I doubt he will be polite if I try to talk to him about it. But next time I see him(and hopefully wont have my dog with me) I do have the intention of stopping and talking to him about it. What can I say to convince him to make his dog behave?
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