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König's Potty Area!! :D

Made a little potty area for the pup. He rings the bells to go outside. Hasnt had an accident in over a month, so I'd say im in the clear? *fingers crossed/knock on wood*.

-Just used some 2x6's and nailed them together and burried them about two inches in the ground.
-Dug out some of the dirt from the center
-Laid down some weed blocker
-Poured in a few bags of small rocks
-Laid down more weed blocker on top
-Poured in large rocks over that
[then when we first started potty training.. he would just sit there and chew rocks...]
-So i then put pet-grade insect screen over the tops and anchored them down. --Then decorated so he feels at home when going potty

Drains really well, a little circle is all thats left when he goes potty. Poo doesnt really stick to it, and i just spray it down with water a couple times a day as it gets soiled. So far no stink or anything either.

He was a bit camera shy! haha
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