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Male is acting like female is in heat but she is spayed

Eko has been driving us crazy! Nonstop whining when we tell him to leave Xena alone. He keeps trying to sniff and lick her under her tail, pretty much any time she stands up. I had to put a leash on him to correct him for constantly trying to hump her. I've been having to stand with them outside because if I just wait on the porch Eko follows Xena around and waits for her to pee so he can lick it (sorry for the tmi it's gross I know!!).

She's never had a heat before, she was spayed at 6 months. Could it be another dog in our neighborhood in heat making him act like this? He has never done any of these things before, he only just started to lift his leg a couple of weeks ago. He is normally so well behaved, even when the neighbor's dog was in heat before. That dog could be in heat again but he never seemed to notice the other times. He just turned 2 in February, he is not neutered, I'm not really wanting him to be neutered unless it's absolutely necessary.

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