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Originally Posted by ElanixPre View Post
Title says the bulk of the question. When you're looking to get a puppy, do you look for a breeder that has their stock's hips tested? Do you look for OFA or Pennhip specifically? Both? And more importantly, the people here that DO require their puppy's parents to be tested... even if you see "proof" papers/certificates, etc... do you call or look online to verify the information? Or do you consider your breeder reputable enough? I just got to thinking about it today and really anybody could lie about their scores, but I do consider it important that they have them.
Yes to ALL that. If you ever go through the heartbreak of seeing one of our drive-for-days, all-out all-the-time working line GSDs have to deal with the pain and crippling effect of bad HD, you will try every avenue possible to ensure that doesn't happen again. Even with the most careful, conscientious and knowledgeable breeders, it can still happen, but you are at least tipping the scales in the right direction when you do your homework before buying.

Oddly enough, the dogs I have had who were (and are) rescues have had the best hips...

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