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11 Week old potty training problem.

Ok Ive had my pup for about a month or so now. I currently have her on pee pads. I started training here with pee pads as soon as I got her, because I cannot take her outside yet.

She was doing so well the first couple weeks and only having a few accidents. Now it seems like shes having them alllllll the time. I know for sure she knows where to go because when i take her out at night (three times) she goes straight to the pee pad.

When she is out and playing and causing havoc she pees and poops in a totally opposite spot. Its driving me crazy!!!!!! How can I correct this!!!!

I also treat/praise her like she just won a AKC award when she pees on the pad. I have seperate treats just for peeing in the right spot!

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