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Smile Barking on Command!!!

Hey guys, I have a 24 week old pup, he picks up very well on commands, my biggest hurdle is trying to teach him to bark on command. I've tried the whole "get something that gets him very excited and say the command till he does the behavior". He LOVES the tennis ball and I bounce it around, try to get him excited and all that but he does EVERYTHING he knows (to try to get the ball) but he does not bark at all! I'm just lef tjumpign around saying the command trying to get him excited for about 35 minutes and to a certain point he just sits down and patiently waits. He barks rarely, only when he needs to (if he hears a weird noise outside or something, usually in the middle of the night). I really want to teach him how to bark on command, any tips? Thanks in advance!
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