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My 8 year old GSD hip questions

Hello all,

I am very new to this forum and before I get blasted about not searching already posted threads I've looked and looked and there's is waaay too much to sift through..

I have just a few concerns and would like to hear from more experienced owners what kind of problems she is in for if it's a problem at all.

My dog (Roxy) has no papers or anything like that and as far as I know she is pure bred. Now i got her when I was 15 and she has been around before my wife and 2 kids even came in the picture and I dread thinking of the day she's gotta go.. So her health and wellness is on the top of our priority list.

Her hips don't seem bad. The vet said they are fine but all he did was look. She doesn't hop going up steps or anything. Just sometimes it seems like she struggles when gettin up from lying down. She has a sway left to right with her hips when she walks but her running form seems perfect.

Is the "hop" in the hind legs the major sign of hip dysplasia?

And what else should I be looking for?

Any recommendations on supplements or vitamins?

I know these are basic questions I can google and find answers to. But every case is different and I'd like to know how much it differed between different dogs and owners. Thanks in advance for any help or info..
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