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Angry Never had trouble with the dog park until..

So I have read many peoples storied about how they refuse to do the Dog parks and never had any trouble until last night. I take my Dog to the dog park because for the time being I live in a small apartment. This couple come in with their Lab Mix dog and my GSD is 3 months old their dog is fully grown. Right off the bat their dog attacks my baby!! The couple apologizes and says "Sorry she is aggressive..." COULDNT TELL!

What really gets me is they bring their dinner!!! They brought a full meal to eat at the picnic tables... So of course my dog stops playing to go sit and watch them eat which is not the point of going to the dog park she needs to be playing so she sleeps at night and then they ask for me to get my dog away from them so their aggressive dog doesn't attack her again...... DUH PEOPLE!

just had to vent. Why bring your aggressive dog to the dog park any ways? I wouldn't even take that chance. How sad if someone would have gotten hurt!
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