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Convincing strangers to not let her jump up on them?

Ok, so I keep running into this problem. 13 weeks old. So still a little puppy. BUT, since I am planning on doing therapy work as well as service dog work if she takes to the tasks I need her to be able to do.

I don't want to have to retrain proper behavior for greeting people, but right now, that is what I'm having to do.

I take her with me to tractor supply, ace hardware, Home Depot, and the park. Up until a couple weeks ago she stayed in the basket so I didn't have to worry. People would just reach in and pet her.

And now we do both in and out of the basket... And running into problems.

We NEVER approach people unless invited (and I never ask, it's only if others ask if she can come see them), and would prefer if others would ask me, but that is not always the case.

She is still so little and cute that people will just squeal and laugh as she dances around on them and complain loudly about how "she's just a puppy" when I pull her off them, put her in a sit, and ask them to bend down to pet her, or I pick her up to let them do so.

I hope to get to the point where she will ignore most of it unless I give the ok, but it's really hard when everyone I meet just works her up so much, even when I try to explain.

She doesn't wear any kind of vest or bandana, would something like that with "therapy dog in training" possibly help? I can't just stop taking her since these are some of the only places where I can actually get her used to stuff like heavy machinery, crowds, etc. But it's driving me nuts when every other aisle someone goes nuts over her and works her up into a frenzy, and then I'm stuck trying to focus her again for the next 5 minutes or so.

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