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the words thing can be fixed. I think the dog gets the idea that out from a toy means a different thing when you point and say "get out". Even if you add get they can probably tell. Aus vs out if you want.
Also dogs can understand two different command words for one action so as long as you spend time with each word 'look at me' and 'watch me', you'll eventually get the same result. My dog knows "fuss" (I can't make that german letter on this comp) and "with me" for heel. One's casual, one I want her focusing.

""and"working" with him very sporadically 1 or 2 times a week""
I personally agree that training should be more sporadic and random vs on a set schedule. if you train every day at 1 o clock it's a boring routine. If your dog never knows when to expect training it becomes more fun.

as far as roughhousing and play biting, I play with my dog rough. She loves to lay on her back and kick and nip at me and she doesn't try that game with other people. If your dog overgeneralizes you just teach a gentle command. When mine gets too rough I just say "HEY" in a sharp voice and end the game for a minute or two and she calms down. Sometimes if I can tell she's playful I'll just walk up and shove her lightly and it's game on lol. As long as you teach rules and when it stops.
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