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Originally Posted by horsdancr2000 View Post
Thanks for the input. I agree that we should be on the same page. He just started implementing these commands and I feel as if I was blind sided. When I asked him about it ( the "out" command) he told me that boris was smart enough to know that when "out" is said indoors it would mean leave leave room and "out" said outside would mean drop whatever is in your mouth. I just shook my head and walked away. Another example is when we were at pets mart for basic obedience. The trainer instructed everyone to use the "watch me" command. I have never used that nor has my hubby; I have used "look at me" based on advice from a guy who trains police dogs for a living that my hubby met with! I have honestly never observed my hubby using that command at all and I know we have been in the same room when I say look at me. He knows what command to use but at petsmart he had Boris sit and said " watch me"...... of course the dog didn't have a clue what was being asked and I was fuming cause my hubby does stuff like this all the time. This is a special dog and I don't want my hubby to confuse him.

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Most people will tell you that you shouldn't use any kind of a command for the dog to look at you. This is all combined with a "foos" or a "heel." When you tell your dog to heel, it should not just stay in position, but also look up at you. If you want eye contact, the name should suffice.

The command you use doesn't matter. At the end of the day, "look at me" is WAY too long of a command so the "police dog trainer" gave you questionable advice anyways.

You need to figure out what your goals are with this dog. Most of us here use the same commands because we're in sport and its just tradition to use certain commands. But if you want to change them up, its up to you.

I prefer an "out" for the toy thing because when other people are going to interact with your dog, they're more than likely going to say "out" to get a toy out of their mouth (just more natural). These are the types of things you need to think about when choosing commands...

It's like teaching your dog to "come" by using a different command than a "here" or a "come." What's the point? If you dog ever gets out, and other people are helping you try to find him, they're more than likely going to be yelling "come!" But if you taught your dog a different word just because that's what you wanted, the dog will have no idea what that word means.
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