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Originally Posted by horsdancr2000 View Post
Who should or how should we go about training?
You both should be training the dog and you need to have a talk with your husband about being consistant and using the same methods you are using so that you don't confuse the dog.

Originally Posted by horsdancr2000 View Post
Does the dog see me as boring?
Do you play with the dog or do you just train him? If your husband is doing the majority of playing with him then he might find your husband to be slightly more fun.

Originally Posted by horsdancr2000 View Post
Should I be concerned about my hubby imitating play biting?
It depends, does your dog know the word "no" or do you have a word that stops him from biting? I constantly wrestle with my Dalmatian puppy, we get quite rough and he will mouth me when we wrestle but once I tell him "no" the game is over. He has never mouthed anyone or attempted to bite anyone when we are not wrestling. My ex also wrestled with my GSD when he was younger and he never mouthed anyone or bit anyone, in fact he wouldn't even play bite me, he will only bite my ex. As long as your dog understands that he can play like that with your husband but he cannot play like that with others than it should be fine.

Originally Posted by horsdancr2000 View Post
Will my hubby confuse the dog by suddenly changing the meanings if commands?
That is a big possibility, I would tell your husband that it is important that you two get on the same page training wise and use the same methods.


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