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Help...inconsistent training methods between spouses.

Hi all!

My husband and I recently adopted a 18 month old male GSD from the pound. The only thing we knew about him is that he was kept in the yard tied up. He escaped several times and ended up at the pound. His owners never claimed him the least time. I implemented the 2 week shutdown to get him acclimated. We have had him about 2 months. He is kennel trained, potty trained and is currently working on basic commands/NILIF. He had a great temperment, attitude, and is generally a happy dog. We occasionally get "sassed" by him if we tell him to leave the room when we are eating. I have been doing everything for this dog: walking, daily exercising, feeding, grooming, etc. I am very consistent. The dog initially would listen to me very well. Then in an effort to be more involved he began feeding the dog in the AM and"working" with him very sporadically 1 or 2 times a week. The dog began listening to him better than me. This is quite frustrating as my view is if he is going to work with the dog it should be daily on a schedule not hit or miss. He also rough houses/plays with the dog more enthusiastically than I do. Boris loves it. My husband will also initiate play by grabbing for his snout. This is a little unnerving as I don't want to encourage biting. My hubby had also started using the word "out" to get the dog to drop the tug rope when we have historically been using "out" to leave a room and "drop it" to cue the dog to release an item. My questions are:

Who should or how should we go about training?

Does the dog see me as boring?

Should I be concerned about my hubby imitating play biting?

Will my hubby confuse the dog by suddenly changing the meanings if commands?

Thanks again!!

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