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Just as irritating as this young couple's lack of planning is another situation. So often you see GSDs (and other big potentially aggressive breeds) on rescue sites because their senior owners could no longer handle them.

I am 67, have always been a strong woman and all my life have had strong, aggressive dogs. BUT--I also know the day will come when I won't be able to manage a dog like either my driven Orick, or my DA Jade. And they are the smallest GSDs I've even had! But the reality will be there, and I am gradually adjusting to it. It's called forethought. The breeder of my first sable is advancing in age, and she still has some of her GSDs. However, she has made arrangements with a good friend, another breeder. If anything happens to Karen, her friend is to get her dogs even before her own family, because she trusts her friend to find the best situations for them.
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