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Originally Posted by SunCzarina View Post
probably didn't even bother to tell the breeder they were expecting the first baby. Good for the dog though, someone's going to get a nice young dog that someone else went through all the puppy insanity.

Me though, I had 2 GSDs when my oldest son was born. One was 5, the other 2, both of them high drive PITAs. The female had always been a little skitzy of children, until she had her own baby to watch over. It was like a switch in her head went off and she went from crazy chick to the zen dog meditating at the baby crib.

The male died when my twins were 7 months old, adult onset epilepsy, very tragic but we waited as a one dog family until 3 years later when we got Otto. LOL yeah, my kids are dog proof, my 9 year old was with me yesterday when we had to go into a house with a teenage rescued doberman. Hugo's a total mess but my son became his fast friend.

I'm not sure. I would think looking at the timeline, the wife would have been pregnant when the pup first lived with them. That would be something I would question at least or make them aware of what goes into a dog so they at least know.

Dogs adapt can adapt really well to changes in their environment when handled properly. There are so many factors that play into it: Obedience, owner's behavior, exercise, schedule, etc. Your female is a perfect example it working. People expect the finished product from the beginning without understanding what EFFORT really goes into raising a dog. My son is the same way. From the beginning he was introduced to dogs. Learned how to approach one, when to leave it alone, things to look for in their behavior, etc. He's 8! He lets dogs come to him so as not to startle them. With Red, rescue male shepherd, he did so much with him to gain his they are inseperable : )

Sorry for your loss, its always so heartbreaking when we lose them. My son sounds a lot like your son wanting to help dogs : )


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