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probably didn't even bother to tell the breeder they were expecting the first baby. Good for the dog though, someone's going to get a nice young dog that someone else went through all the puppy insanity.

Me though, I had 2 GSDs when my oldest son was born. One was 5, the other 2, both of them high drive PITAs. The female had always been a little skitzy of children, until she had her own baby to watch over. It was like a switch in her head went off and she went from crazy chick to the zen dog meditating at the baby crib.

The male died when my twins were 7 months old, adult onset epilepsy, very tragic but we waited as a one dog family until 3 years later when we got Otto. LOL yeah, my kids are dog proof, my 9 year old was with me yesterday when we had to go into a house with a teenage rescued doberman. Hugo's a total mess but my son became his fast friend.


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