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German Shepherds are a lifetime commitment

I just saw a post on Facebook that really annoyed me. While I commend the owner for reaching out to a breeder (not sure if it's their breeder) for help in placing him....I think the owners should have put more thought into getting this dog in the first place. I see to many times people buy dogs in the moment and for some reason, they have blinders on and don't understand the dog will not stay this small. They have a short term thought process with the pet. These dogs can live to 13+ years. When getting the dog, you need to consider all the possibilities that could happen. If you're planning on a family, you need to consider how will this dog fit in, when vacationing...what will we do with the dog, any health issues...what then? As a companion/sport home it aggravates me. Seeing stories like this gives off the wrong impression to good breeders (sometimes) in placing puppies/dogs in homes with families. In reading this, it sounds like the dog is to much for them to handle. I feel bad for the dog. His owners failed him. I understand why some breeders refuse to sell a puppy to families for reasons like this and it's not fair to the good/responsible owners.

" Tito is just over 2 yrs old. Neutered, house and kennel trained...and has never eaten a single shoe. Walks great on leash, loves to play fetch and tug of war. Knows basic commands: sit, stay, down, go lay down, kennel, etc.
We'd like him to have more room to play and run. We have a 1 yr old toddler and another on the way and are rapidly running out of room and time to devote to him. Tito needs a strong leader and is probably not the right dog for a first time German Shepherd owner. He has a strong drive and a great ability to learn."


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