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Originally Posted by pyratemom View Post
Unfortunately I do not remember the name. I was visiting my mother in the area I grew up near and noticed the new (to me anyway) training place on Red Arrow Highway. I got excited when I saw it because they were doing some puppy class it looked like and there were so many GSD pups I just had to stop and watch for a little while. They had a separate agility field and some other K9 type equipment (the straight up board fence to climb over, the tents to hide suspects in, etc) set up in a separate fenced area too. Since I live in Florida now and hadn't been to the area in 20 years it has changed a lot. Sorry for the non-information.
I think it was the Northern Indian Schutzhund club you may have seen. I use to train with them. There is no trainers over that way anymore(the club is still active)
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