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Need help please

Gunther repeatedly injures his left paw right above the dew claw. I don't know exactly how other then it seems as though he twists it often. He is always offering me that paw, even when I'm not asking for a shake. It never seems to be a serious injury, a lot of crying but that's usually it. Tonight it happened again when he twisted it and I couldn't calm him. I wound up wrapping his leg in the heating pad but he is still favoring it. I'm just wondering if this is a clumsiness thing or if it is potentially more serious to where I should take him to the vet as a potential tendon or joint weakness. Is this related to the dew claw? My husband says his dew claw gets stuck in things often. Is having that removed an option at 9 months old? I wouldn't want to cause him any pain and I think that would be extremely painful. Please give me any opinions, advice, or wisdom you may have. I don't know if my heart can keep hearing his cries.
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