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Puppy Training: The Life Lessons My GSD puppy has taught me

1. Play time can be any time!
2. Naps are a wonderful and necessary part of life, especially curled up with your favorite toy or person
3. Food is AWESOME and meant to be enjoyed, not fretted over!
4. Sometimes if you just stop resisti66ng, you get a nice belly rub
5. Not every cat will like you, nor will they allow you to chew on their heads. Some of them will try to tear you up! BUT when you find one who's willing to put up with you he will be your buddy for life
6. Barking at something usually doesn't make it do what you want and can end badly (see above reference to cats)
7. Sometimes you can get into tight spots that aren't always easy to get out of, especially without outside help.
8. Vacuums are mysterious and sometimes potentially deadly, therefore they must be approached with caution
9. Every dog has his day
10. There's always time for love and kisses because in the end all that matters are the ones we care about the most

Hello, I am new to this forum as I only recently became the proud owner of a GSD. Delgado is 4 months old and the most goofy and lovable pup you've ever met! In the few short weeks he's been a member of our family has taught me some valuable life lessons

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