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Spay dilema - now or later?

Jedda started her first heat on her first birthday, Nov 14, 2013. I had her spay/gastropexy scheduled for this Friday, 4/4. A month ago I started upping raw food, and cutting out kibble. She started shedding heavily about 3 weeks ago, but in the last two weeks, she's losing not just her undercoat, but patches of guard hairs as well. Her coat looks dull and rough - not her norm! I doubted it was due to switch to raw, as no ingredients were new, her diet is balanced, and appetite and poos are better than normal. But nothing else has been changed.

I took her in to my vet to see if he thought I should wait on the surgery, and he thought although her coat looked poor, she was clearly healthy on all other fronts, and left it up to me. I decided to change the date to April 18, as I really hope to avoid another heat, and we're getting close.

OK, sorry that was a lot of words! But here's my question: if this blow coat is due to an imminent heat, am I too close to her heat to proceed with the spay? If a heat can frequently occur 4-6 weeks after a major coat change/shed, that would put me 2-4 weeks from a heat cycle.

I've spoken to her breeder, who recommends waiting till this probable upcoming heat has passed. I will speak again to my vet tomorrow, and I will more than likely wait it out, as I trust my breeder's advice. I'm just wondering if anybody has had a similar experience.

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