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You know it's for real...

Spring, that is! And you know it's really here with the first muddy dog you hose down! I hooked it up and hosed down Sir Orick, who had turned into the MUD DOG! He wasn't happy about it, but I was ecstatic. Dogs are now in the mud room, Orick trying to lick himself dry, Jade howling because she doesn't think SHE should have to be there, after all...

Oops--I misspoke myself. They are in the BREEZEWAY. We moved here last October (from out in the country), and we are surrounded by (nice) neighbors older than me. Mary, neighbor on the left, corrected me when I mentioned the mud room one day. "Sweetie," she said. "We call that the breezeway." I stand corrected. She is also the lady who asked me a few weeks ago, "Sweetie, don't you like small dogs at all?" as she picked up her ****zu-poo, whatever, while Jade was trying to figure out how she could snatch the little dustmop through the fence...

Jade, stop howling in the BREEZEWAY!
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