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How should I be walking my 12 week old pup? Letting him pull?

Should I be correcting? or just kind of letting him sniff and pull, etc? Right now if he starts to pull or tug I stop and just stand there until he decides to sit and look up at me. Then I step off again. But sometimes I do this, then as soon as I take one step forward he takes off ahead of me and starts pulling on the leash again. Should I be using corrections at 12 weeks? or just letting him do as he pleases? I've noticed when I make sure he stays right next to me and follows me, hes better about ignoring outside distractions to include barking dogs, cars, people walking by, etc. Is this too early for a 12 week old pup? When/how should I start incorporating a heel? And once your dog is taught to heel... should they be heeling the entire walk? or are those two separate things, a walk and a heel? Thanks!
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