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Default Has anyones dog had these symptoms?

My dog is currently under the vets for this but they are unsure yet as to the cause, but i would like to know if anyone has had a GSD with these symptoms and what the cause was.
Hes 9 yrs old has HD/CDRM/and very recently pannus. on tramadol.

This morning seemingly very suddenly, started excessively drooling, swaying (appearing drunk) sitting and standing nearly falling over, labored breathing with very fast heart rate (so fast the vet couldn't count or tell a rhythm) (you could practically hear it going) pale gums.

vet thinks something wrong with heart or something going wrong in the brain, was sent home with a dose of diazapam (to calm down and sleep, he did calm abit but not sleep) and to see what hes like in the morning to see what the next step is.
I was so shocked to see him like this.
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