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Laying down/Hip Dysplasia

I've been going to socialization class. In a previous post, I stated my dog seems to like to lay down quite a bit, he does what is asks but then is just content laying down watching when the trainer is explaining things. The trainer then asked me if he lays down during a walk. I stated no, if he's doing something he romps around or only if he's tired he'll lay down or watching something he will sit or lay down. The trainer told me that it's an early sign of hip dysplasia (to lay down like he does). Even though it's not a guarantee, his parents have good hips. I am concerned now since a trainer would naturally be around more dogs than I have to know signs, but I am smart enough to know that no one knows everything. His gait is not abnormal and when he plays he certainly plays hard. He does not have pain with palpitation and doesn't have difficulty when getting up or when going in to a laying position. Should I be concerned? He is 12 weeks old tomorrow, the trainer said this 2 weeks ago and I've been stressing out about this since then.

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