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Question Xena Loves Our Sheets to Pieces! How Do I Keep Her From Eating Them?

Xena just turned 8 months old. Even while teething, she has never chewed on furniture, shoes, kids toys, etc. She is fully house-broken and crate trained. We recently allowed her to be un-crated overnight. I don't want her to have to be boxed up all night, especially when she is protective of our family; I don't see a point in her being stuck in a cage, should anything ever happen.
Our trouble is that she chews on bedding! Sheets, blankets, pillowcases, etc. We find them litterally in pieces every morning! She understands that she is not allowed on the couch (leather & sharp claws don't mix ), the recliner or mine & my husband's bed. She is allowed on the kids' bed and she has her own futon in the living room (which by the way, has a sheet on it that she has never attempted to chew on).
I'd like to know how to get her to stop doing this...? I'm home with her all day nearly everyday and she never tries it during the day, even when we have to be away...she sleeps with our boys and she only chews this stuff when everyone is asleep, so I never catch her doing it to be able to stop her in the act. Between training and 4 active kids she gets plenty of exercise, and she is never without a few toys. I'm wondering though, did I make a mistake in getting her a rope toy, as it is also fabric?
Within a week we have thrown out 2 sheet sets, pillowcases and all, and 3 blankets! Are there exercises I can do with her to teach her that this is not okay? She is very smart and highly trainable...I just don't know what I need to do to help her understand that this behavior is unacceptable.
I really don't want to start crating her back up at night but hubby says if we can't get this resolved its back in the box for poor Xena
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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