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'Down' and pulling when there's another dog

Juice is growing up so fast! He's nearly 5 months now and is as insane as ever.

We've been doing clicker training for a little while now and he has mastered 'sit' and is decent at 'stay'. He's even a pro at loose leash walking already! However, the main issues we have are 'down' and pulling/barking when there's another dog nearby.

When we try to do some training exercises I ease him in with the things he knows better, and we've been trying to work on 'down'. I have watched video after video, and called up a few of my training pals for some advice. Whenever I move the treat down from his face to the floor he picks his butt up from sitting. Does anyone know any ways to combat this?

And the worst part: Whenever we're on a walk if there's another dog, or an outside cat, he loses his mind. Lately he has been a little under-socialized because he's been battling Giardia for nearly a month and we didn't want to risk getting other dogs infected. Does anyone have any tips to not pull when there's another dog in the area? Nothing I do seems to work. He completely ignores me, food, and everything else around. He can go from sitting and completely focused on me, to lunging, pulling, barking, and trying to get to the dog/cat in a split second.
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