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Late registration for my adult with the AKC

OK. I am feeling rather sheepish.

I have a 6 year old female who came with papers, but I never bothered to register her with the AKC because I had no plans to show or breed her. In my naivety, I did not realize I would still need AKC papers to participate in a German dog sport.

So um, let's see... her breeder filled out the AKC application, including the transfer to New Owner section. However, the address listed on there is 6 years ago and we have since moved. Is it OK to white out the outdated address, or do I include a note with my current address?

I will probably call the CS to verify that, as well as to make sure the only other charges are the dog-gone late fee. It states $65 after 2010, and I hope it has not gone up! But if there were price changes, hopefully I could be grandfathered in with the old application.

In any case, I still wanted to hear what others have to say because 1) I want to have an idea when I make that call, and 2) I can be terribly impatient.


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