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Angry Rant: Apparently my dog is the reason her dog has bad manners..

Apparently, someones dog jumps up on people, because my dog.. upsets her.. Clearly, since this happened before Zelda was around, and clearly because it happens also when Zelda isn't around. Its quite clear to me, my dog stresses her dog out to the point of jumping on people who are sitting on the couch, standing, or standing from a distance and for other reasons..

Or maybe.. Just perhaps maybe! Your dog is untrained. WOW what does that mean you might ask? Maybe you should train her to greet people without jumping, maybe teach her not to run and jump on people, to the point of almost knocking them over and with the mouth open and making their lip bleed! Maybe you need to work on manners and stop ASKING her to jump up on you! (Reinforcer much?!) Maybe you shouldn't get so worked up when i point out the fact that maybe you should train her to do something else than jump on people for greetings, or to jump on you when she is "nervous" or wanting to go out to go bathroom.. And not say, "Theresa (thats me) you dont know everything." WOW tell me something i dont already know! As if my dog is perfect? NO, anything but perfect. I don't blame your dog for Zelda's problems.. But when you said, "I noticed just now that my dog tends to jump on people when she is upset because of your dog." (who is barking at her dog to play. Okay.. well maybe that could be a partially true statement? But what about all the other times your dog jumps up on people? How does that fit in? But oh no she doesn't think it started until Zelda..
Apparently my dog also causes other dogs to have problems including jumping up on people in a very rude way (like a 70 pound dog shouldn't!), she probably uses a jedi mind trick, you know like when she is greeting people when my dog isn't around.
I wouldn't care so much about it all, and i wouldn't even have given her advice on training-if she didn't blame her dog jumping problem on my dog. Her dog also has the tendency to become a brick wall when you try to move her out of the way or push her off bed because she won't leave the bed by command. She also has to be in your face all the time and is very rude with food. Maybe they all have something in common? Lack of guidance/training? I'm sorry but my dog has enough problems, she doesn't also need the label of, "Dog that makes other dogs do rude things, like jumping on people with mouth open."

UGH! I just.. don't even care if you like my dog, just don't accuse her of things that are because of your laziness- and lack of training.

Okay thanks for letting me rant, i feel better already

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