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dog wont go for walks anymore

So my 6month gsd went for walks well with a choke collar and e collar before. Now we decided to go all positive training. She mauled me on a regular harness while walking but new trainer suggested the "gentel leader" (head harness) to control her when she starts maulling. She stopped mauling while walking and I give her high value treats and all has been well for a few weeks. Now all the sudden I walk her and when we get one house away she stops and wont continue. If I try a treat to get her to go she lays down and wont move until I head home. I dont understand what is going on. She needs the exercise. As soon as I head home she will follow. There are a lot of dogs in the neighborhood so she hears them in their houses barking but it never seemed to bother her before so I cant say thats the problem. She does the same when I try to get her to go in her crate. She is getting too smart. How do I get her moving?
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